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rainne: (MCU - Bucky - Faded Sexy Stare)


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Birthdate:Jan 20
Location:Tennessee, United States of America
I am the watcher at the gates of dawn
where there is no eve, no noon, or morn.
I do not think, but float and stare;
and of all things I am aware.

I am the final judge of time,
and all that moved once, is now mine;
for all is still; 'tis only me
that permeates this wondrous sea.

I am the final perfect thing,
brought forth, the final song to sing.
From whence I came, and whither I go,
even I can never know;
for I am not the light you see,
but only that which falls on me.

Each light within this wondrous dome
unto itself, and each alone,
with a truth that all do see;
but only known by the thing called 'me'.

I am remembrance of the great;
and knowledge of the final state;
and when I judge it so well done;
I am the reflection... of whence I come.

~Dick Richardson~



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